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Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts instructors are world class, full-time professionals who are fully insured, licensed, DBS checked and qualified in first aid.

If you are passionate about Martial Arts and would be interested in joining the Xen-Do team visit our careers page.

Select an instructor below for more information about our team.

Instructor Dai Master Rafael Nieto biography image
Dai Master Rafael Nieto
World & European Champion | Rafael Nieto is the founder of Xen-Do and currently runs four schools in London...
Instructor Sensei Denise Bailey biography image
Sensei Denise Bailey
7th Dan | World & European Champion Sensei Denise Bailey is well known on the Kickboxing and Martial Arts World Stage...
Instructor Sensei Anthony Nieto biography image
Sensei Anthony Nieto
4th Dan | Having started training at the age of 5 with his father, the founder of Xen-Do, Dai Master Rafael Nieto, Sensei Anthony took his black belt first Dan in 2007 rising to fourth Dan in 2013...
Instructor Sensei Nicolas Antoine biography image
Sensei Nicolas Antoine
4th Dan | Sensei Nicolas has been practising Martial Arts since the age of 9 starting with Shotokan Karate...
Instructor Sensei Patryk Sylwester Fic biography image
Sensei Patryk Sylwester Fic
1st Dan | Patryk is one of the youngest members of the Xen-Do team...
Instructor Sensei Lauren Butcher biography image
Sensei Lauren Butcher
1st Dan | Sensei Lauren was born and raised in London and has trained at Xen-Do from a very young age...
Instructor Sensei Lewes Findlay biography image
Sensei Lewes Findlay
Black Belt | He started his sports career at the tender age of five playing with Middlesex County...
Instructor Sensei James Guerrero biography image
Sensei James Guerrero
Black Belt | James is one of the youngest members of the Xen-Do team at just 16 years of age...
Instructor Sensei Paul Jones biography image
Sensei Paul Jones
Black Belt | Paul has always had an underlying passion for extreme sports and learning a martial art was to be another string to Paul’s bow...
Instructor Sensei Stefan Svrdlin biography image
Sensei Stefan Svrdlin
Black Belt | A two time British representative at the WAKO National Championships, destined for a successful career in kickboxing...
Instructor Sensei Kasheme Walton biography image
Sensei Kasheme Walton
Black Belt | Sensei Kasheme moved to London in the summer of 2016 and decided to take a new sporting direction in kickboxing...
Instructor Sensei Walter Proiri Frggi biography image
Sensei Walter Proiri Frggi
Black Belt | Sensei Walter has a passion for music and his natural rhythm has held him in good stead with his movement around the dojo...
Instructor Sensei Judah Wheeler biography image
Sensei Judah Wheeler
Black Belt | Sensei Judah has been practising various disciplines for more than 22 years including Taekwondo, Savate, boxing and kickboxing...
Instructor Sensei Rijana Puljic biography image
Sensei Rijana Puljic
Black Belt | Sensei Rijana has been training at Xen-Do for over ten years...
Instructor Sensei Levon Sargsyan biography image
Sensei Levon Sargsyan
Black Belt | Sensei Levon has a vast and ranging experience of Martial Arts including Muay Thai MMA and K1 Kickboxing...
Instructor Sensei Simon Collins biography image
Sensei Simon Collins
Black Belt | Sensei Simon is a Sensei of many talents and has participated in a handful of kickboxing tournaments winning them all...
Instructor Sensei Joseph Andrew Watkins biography image
Sensei Joseph Andrew Watkins
Although he is new to the team, he has been working on his martial arts career for over 13 years, reaching the level of 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate...
Instructor Sensei Karla Aranas biography image
Sensei Karla Aranas
Sensei Karla moved to London from the Philippines 11 years ago. She has been an avid martial arts enthusiast for most of her life......
Instructor Sensei Sergio Garcia biography image
Sensei Sergio Garcia
Sensei Sergio’s path to Xen-Do was not that of any Sensei. One fateful day, on the sweltering streets of Seville, Sensei Sergio had a date with destiny......
Instructor Sensei Liam McCourt biography image
Sensei Liam McCourt
Sensei Liam isn’t your run of the mill, middle of the road Sensei. Sensei Liam eats, sleeps and breathes sports......
Instructor  Rebecca Scott biography image
Rebecca Scott
Administrative Director | Rebecca's first martial arts class happened during her first day of work at Xen-Do, when......
Instructor  Grace Hume-Nieto biography image
Grace Hume-Nieto
Administrative Director | Grace was always destined to be a part of the Xen-Do community from the day she was born......

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